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  • Keyless Remote

    27 July 2014

    The automobile industry boasts about the use of new technology and the ability to add luxury items to standard models. With each new model year the competition grows into a fierce frenzy for potential customers. Many items, such as the keyless remote...

  • Keyless Remote Replacement

    08 June 2014

    If you have an older car, perhaps you have started having some issues with your vehicle such as your keyless remote device has stopped working. Although the keyless remote option on a car is still considered a luxury and is not necessary in order for...

  • Friendly, Professional Chicago Appliance Repair

    28 June 2014

    Appliances are the lifeblood of the home. They make our lives easier by helping us cook food, produce clean clothes, and provide warmth for our families during cold, winter nights. Appliances are the practical objects in our homes that make life easier...