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Keyless Remote

July 27 2014

Keyless Remote

The automobile industry boasts about the use of new technology and the ability to add luxury items to standard models. With each new model year the competition grows into a fierce frenzy for potential customers. Many items, such as the keyless remote entry systems, that were available options a few years ago now come standard on most models.

Convenience and Safety

One of the reasons keyless remotes became so popular is the sheer convenience of being able to open doors at the touch of a button rather than fumbling for keys with a handful of bags. Customers quickly came to demand keyless remote systems because of the added safety and security of being able to open car doors from several feet away and effortless gain access to the vehicle. These features also come in handy when drivers happen to misplace their car in the middle of a large parking lot. With one tap they can identify a specific noise and identify their car by the flashing headlights amid the sea of unfamiliar cars.

Replacement Keyless Remotes

Most new car models come with two keyless remotes and they typically last for the life of the vehicle, provided they are not lost or stolen. The most common problem that comes with normal wear and tear is that the batteries periodically wear out. They can typically be replaced easily enough, although there are several different types of batteries used within the remotes so it may take some searching. Numerous online sites offer a wide variety of keyless remote batteries and key fob replacements. Taking the old remote apart will typically reveal the battery size as well as the model number in case a replacement is needed.

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